Let's work together on

Websites and mobile apps

Managing a website, no matter it’s daily traffic, can be exhausting. I know it as I have been there… Whether you need to adjust a current website or are planning to create a brand new one, count me in!

I would be happy to participate from providing a simple 3rd party assessment and a list of recommendations to do, to be aware of and to really watch for up to taking over as an (interim) product manager allowing you to focus on what you know the best – your business and your customers.

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What can I do for you?

Assessment & Feedback

I will take a loot at your current website or website idea and provide you with a comprehensive feedback consisting of recommendations, possible issues and best practices.

Delivery Takeover

I will take responsibility to manage your current or deliver a new website.

Online Analytics

As part of this continuous service I will monitor your website and key metrics and provide you with recommendations, next steps solutions and product activities.

Call or message me at 778-587-8010 or email me through a form below.